Technical side


Even if I often define myself as a sculptor, most of my pieces are started on the wood lathe.

I have two different lathes, a DB1200 from Wivamac, and a bowl lathe BF500 from Bezombes. The first one is used for spindle work and most roughing jobs, and I switch to the second as soon as it’s about hollowing: the comfort is very good when you stand in front of the work.

Besides these lathes I have several tools of various brands. I’m especially interested in hollowing, and have had oppotunities to discuss about some tools in my articles for the French woodworking magawine Couleurs-Bois . I’ve translated these articles here::

  • The Oneway Termite ring (published in CB no 13)
  • Kelton scrapers (CB no 14). My faborite tools for hollowing through very small opening.
  • The Woodcut Proforme and the Rolly Munro hollower (CB no 15). The latter one is my favorite of all tools, as long as the opening can be greater than 2 cm diameter, for for a depth until 30 cm. Since the writing of the article, Rolly created version 2 with a different head design but of the same principle. There is also a mini version.

When needed, I make my own tools (see this page about simple hollowing tools). I also do some blacksmithing, a technique learnt from Alain Mailland, for specific hollowing tools when standard tools don’t work.

my workshop

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