Artist Statement

   I love the action sun, rain, frost, have on natural materials. In the mountains where I live, they create beautiful textures and colors on old wood on barns and on slate layers. I've also enjoyed the weathered aspect of driftwood I’ve seen during a journey in New Zealand. All these elements reveal and emphasize the inner structure of the material, and are a great source of inspiration for me.

   In my pieces, I also try to work with these characteristics, playing with the grain through various surface treatments (textures, sandblasting, scorching, colors). Most of the time, I have a precise idea of the piece I want to create, and then look for the wood that will render the effect I’m after. Creating with wood allows to combine these visual and tactile feelings with a warm and natural material.

   My work is primarily created on the wood lathe, but it involves more and more work done afterwards. I like experimenting new things, pushing ideas piece after piece. It sometimes open new and different paths, which I’m always excited to explore, developing special tools or techniques to reach my goals. The tool is never a limit, only the imagination.


July 2008