he Fire serie

Wood completely changes aspect under the effect of fire. When combined with sandblasting, patinating, scorching reveals the wood grain, giving a very tactile aspect like old leather.

bowl, 15*10 cm
3 bowls ash and gold, diameter 18, 12, 8 cm
big bowl, diam 24 cm
small bowl, 8*6 cm

bowl, ash, gold leaves.
Featured in the book “The art of turned bowls” by Richard Raffan

3 Bowls, scorched ash and 22k gold leaves

big bowl, ash, gold leaves

small bowl


Flamme, 60*10*10 cm
Mammoth hunters shelter
mammoths hunters shelter, detail
3811, sculpture, 1m high

Flamme, ash

mammoths hunters shelter

3811, ash


cube, collab with Mike Scott
bag o'sand, 12*9 cm
box, 9*8 cm

cube (with Mike Scott)

bag o’sand, ash

box, ash


cairn, 40*75cm
cairn, detail

cairn, oak





photos copyright P. Oudet 2001-2013