I regularly write technical articles (step by step) for the French woodworking magazine Couleurs-Bois. The pieces done in these articles are not necessarily in a defined series. But they sometimes open new territories on techniques that can lead to new creations. You can read three of these articles in the technical side.


maple vase, 8*20 cm
juniper hollow form, 9.5*15 cm
oenochoé, wine pot, 32*24 cm
walnut pagoda box. diam 15 cm
qui s'y frotte
corne d'abondance, 10*15*7 cm



Oenochoé (wine pot)

pagoda box

qui s’y frotte
featured in The Art of turned bowls

horn of plenty


3 bowls in one, turned
3 bowls in one, turned and carved
Moon, other view

3 bowls in one


la loupe est dans le bois


sphere in cube
sphere in cube. 10*12*7cm
Flintstone family rake, 20*12*8 cm



ball in cube

Flintstone blueberry rake









photos copyright P. Oudet 2001-2013